Interroll idler and drive pulleys are an alternative option to our long established drum motor conveyor belt drive system. Interroll has developed the modular Platform 7000 pulleys for use in belt conveyor applications where it is not possible to install drum motors or where geared motors are preferred. These precision made pulleys are easily installed and can be supplied with or without bearings. The drive pulleys are produced with an extended shaft and key-way on one side for direct coupling to a geared motor, chain sprocket or V-pulley.

Idler pulleys are enhanced by the standard 1450 roller series which are designed for use as a snub or bend roller, take up, tensioning and feed pulleys in belt conveyors and their drive stations.

Interroll thus provides a complete accessory kit covering all the pulleys and rollers necessary for internal transportation of unit loads with individual weights of up to 50 kg and conveyor speeds of up to 2 m/s, thereby massively simplifying the design, construction, installation and operation of this kind of conveyor system.

Interroll Products

Idler Pulley with integral bearings

  • Static shaft
  • Precision-machined shell
  • Integral bearings
  • Dimensions match drum motors
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