Voltage supply of MultiControl or ConveyorControl system via flat cable. Voltage supply of DriveControl or ZoneControl via round cable.

The PowerControl is a 3-phase power supply (400 V AC) in an IP54 housing for providing the 24-V DC system voltage. The power supply is perfectly adjusted to the current requirements of the RollerDrive EC310. For up to four seconds, the power supply furnishes a current of 30 A. Hence, the power supply facilitates the simultaneous starting of multiple RollerDrive.

The power supply is designed for decentral use. It does not have to be integrated in a costly switch cabinet and can be fastened directly on the side profile of the conveyor. Cable can be saved by placing it in the vicinity of the RollerDrive control. Thanks to the short cables, problems due to cable voltage losses are minimized. Two connections are available for the primary side so that the voltage for the next PowerControl can be looped through.

  • No installation in switch cabinet required
  • Self-protection against overload, feedback, short circuit and load drop
  • System compatible due to low cold start current (inrush) and active power factor correction
  • No power reduction (derating) over the entire operating temperature range of the Interroll controls
  • Multiple terminal points on mains and load side; no special or expensive connector required
  • Cable entry via M20 fittings including seals
  • Maintenance-free
PowerControl (PDF. 159 KB) Download